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The Suchodolski Sisters

The Suchodolski Sisters

But which ones?
Frances Suchodolski
Victoria Dora Suchodolski
Catherine Suchodolski
Mary Suchodolski
Magdalen Meg Suchodolski

I am guessing the seated woman on the right is Victoria (wife of Ben Makofski Sr., mother of my dad Harry). Going by the facial features, I am guessing Lucy is sitting on her lap and perhaps Ben Jr. standing. Does that make the man standing Ben Makofski Sr.? Perhaps!

I would suggest the woman on the far left is Frances, the eldest girl. John H. Podolski, Sr. could be her boy standing beside her and Mary Mamie Podolski standing on the extreme left.

Beyond this, I would not even hazard a guess!

Frances SuchodolskiVictoria SuchodolskiVictoria MakofskiLucy MakofskiLucy NackCatherine SuchodolskiMary SuchodolskiMagdalen SuchodolskiSuchodolskiMakofskiBen MakofskiJohn PodolskiMamie PodolskiPodolskiMamie Schrage